Week 17; The Cat’s Meow

This week’s challenge fell under the technical umbrella asking the challenger to take a portrait of an individual using loop lighting or some other creative way of lighting up your subject. In order to use loop lighting, you need special equipment that I do not have, so I decided to just get creative with lighting.

But, for those so inclined to become master photographers, here is a link on how to ace loop lighting along with a description of the equipment needed:


(Google Image; example portrait using loop lighting)


This challenge required that I search out a willing subject–after all this is a portrait. And I found one–a subject that is. As for willing, that is all a matter of debate. I think the attitude was more one of resignation than a wagging puppy-tailed willingness, but alas, you take what you can get, right? The photo was taken with a NIKON D7200, and it was further edited using a computer-based editing program.

DSC_5644 (2).JPG

The portrait is of my cat Peanut; a cat that I dearly love. Today he is close to 16 years old, but I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him since he was a small, awkward, long-legged kitten. Peanut is an extremely good-natured loving cat, but not too-affectionate and quite the independent fella. Early on, he refused to be an “indoor” cat and has spent, and still spends, most of his time outside climbing trees, roaming yards, and other cat-related things–even refusing to use a litter box. For several years in his prime, he refused cat food and hunted his own meals. Now that he is older, he eats cat food. I imagine hunting is just not as easy as it once was. After all, 16 is pretty old for a cat. At night, he sleeps tucked under my arm, under the covers, as he has done for several years. I turn my face to his fur and find sleep to his rumbling purrs. No kitty is perfect though, and neither is Peanut. He is a very stubborn cat, who will stop at nothing to get his way. If he wants something and is not getting it, he will meow incessantly, take to climbing walls, knock over drinks, and even chew books until he gets what he wants whether it is to be let outside, more water, wet food, or just attention. We all come with quirks!

(Google Image of a Black Cat)


Some Fun Facts About Cats:

*Cats sleep 70% of their lives.

*Cats cannot taste sweetness.

*Cats have a lower social IQ than dogs but can solve more difficult cognitive problems (so they are more logic based thinkers).

*Abraham Lincoln loved cats and kept four of them in the White House.

*Cats have been taught to detect human breast cancer.

*Ancient Egyptians worshipped cats because cats served as a natural protector in the home, keeping it free of poisonous vermin and germ carrying rodents.

(Google Image of the Egyptian Cat God Bastet)


My cat Sylvester who passed away several years ago. In this picture, he was helping me study for a class. Just look at him hard at work, LOL. He was one of the sweetest cats I had ever met, and I miss him, a lot.


I’ll end this blog with a poem I especially love that uses a cat to explain mysticism. Could you imagine a dog explaining such a concept?

Landlocked in Fur; written by Turkaram

I was meditating with my cat the other day 
and all of a sudden she shouted,
“What happened?!”

I knew exactly what she meant, but encouraged 
her to say more – feeling that if she got it all out on the table 
she would sleep better that night.

So I responded, “Tell me more, dear,” 
and she soulfully meowed:

“Well, I was mingled with the sky. I was comets
whizzing here and there. I was suns in heat, hell-I was
galaxies. But now look-I am
landlocked in fur.”

To this I said, ”I know exactly what 
you mean.”

What to say about conversation between 

My favorite Picture of Peanut and I:


Here are a few shots of some kittens born to a stray that I used to feed when I lived in the country. The mother allowed me to share the nurturing duties and I used some of that time to do kitten photo shoots!



The kitty cats-and other animals–we share our lives with truly become some of our greatest companions. Please feel free to share the animal friends in your life, past or present, below. I would love to hear about them:)

“Owners of dogs will have noticed that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they will think you are God. Whereas owners of cats are compelled to realize that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they draw the conclusion that they are Gods.” – C. Hitchens

Peace, and Wellness on your journey!










































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