Photo Challenge

I decided to start this blog as a way to journal my journey as I undertook a photo challenge. There are others that have decided to take on the challenge with me and it is my wish that they feel welcomed to share their progress, set-backs, and the things they learn along the way from the challenge as I hope to do. I would love to connect with others I may not know who are or who have done this challenge as well.

This will be a public blog and also, welcome to any comments and/or ideas from the general public. I just ask that everyone please be very respectful of others when making comments.

Feel free to contact me for any private questions, and or concerns. I will happily reply as fast as possible.

And lastly, thank you for sharing my photo journey with me. I look forward to all that we can learn together.



Panel 1



I like the rain.

It seems everything looks better after a nice rain.

“It cleans the mess away, I guess,” she said.

I say, “The mess is still there, but it’s shiny now,

Like it has lacquer on it.”

She laughed and said,

“People like shiny things.”


Panel 2


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